Dr Sandra Steen, CPC
Author, CEO,
Inspirational Speaker
& Certified Coach

Inspiring Leadership

Hire Sandra as your Transformational Life Coach!

Entrepreneurs, CEOs, managers, employees, and men and women from all professions benefit from Sandra’s unrivaled coaching techniques, which stimulate self-discovery and revolutionary ways of thinking for self-improvement. Sandra’s clients report they are more competent because they have the knowledge to engage their leaders and develop their people.

Training & Consulting

Customized Staff Training
Joy for the Mind offers our corporate training courses, consulting services and training seminars.

Commit yourself to a place of learning and personal advancement. This commitment can be clearly seen in those around you. Is your team inspired, motivated and empowered? Is it time for a new beginning, a greater level of excellence and increased communication within your organization?

"The learning process happens in three phases; to hear, to know and to understand. However, it is what we do after we understand that determines true comprehension and the power of change." --Sandra Steen

Educate yourself and those around you. Sandra Steen Consulting, LLC. offers tailored courses for just for your team. Schedule a life-changing, skill enhancing session for your organization or corporate training group today. For Corporate Training, Consulting Services and Training Seminars, click a link below.

Sandra Steen Consulting, LLC. is proud to serve a long list of amazing clients worldwide.


Sandra’s Inspirational Keynotes

Mission P.O.S.S.I.B.L.E.

Joy for the Spirit features keynotes by Sandra Steen. With a message and a voice that captures everyone from the corporate businessperson, to the entrepreneur to the stay-at-home mom, Sandra Steen travels the world assisting Companies, Organizations and Individuals to identify, clarify and achieve Purpose and a JOYfilled life now!

"I have found that behind every Joyful, and Purposeful life there were critical decisions that got them there."  - Sandra Steen

Wouldn't it be great if we could all live every day with such overwhelming affirmations of joy and encouragement? With Sandra Steen, attaining joy is entirely possible if we use her tools to find it within ourselves.

Sandra Steen's keynote messages are not only about one realizing purpose but acting on it. Schedule Sandra Steen for your next Leadership Forum, Corporate Conference, Women's' Group or Organizational Retreat. Isn't it time you realized your best life?

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The Joy Institute



WEBINAR - P.A.C.E Special: $89


Take it to the S.P.A.™


In this one hour webinar, Dr. Sandra Steen will address the key elements to building Emotional Intelligence that will allow your contact center to become a highly trained, results-oriented customer care operation. This approach allows your organization to better anticipate — and exceed — customer expectations.